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Computer Monitoring Software

Access to a computer and the internet has increased over the last couple of years, and has now become an everyday thing. Not only just in offices and businesses, home computer use is beginning to see an increase as well, especially with teens and young kids. Nowadays, teens and young kids don’t just use the home computer for doing homework for school, they also use it to watch online videos, chat with friends, visit social network sites, play games and much more.

Unfortunately for many businesses, the same thing can be said about the activities of many employees on their office computer as well. More and more employees are being discovered using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, chatting and emailing friends, and watching videos on YouTube when they are supposed to be working on company business.

Computer activities like these are causing major concern among parents and even employers. In many cases, it’s parents who wonder exactly what their kids are viewing online, or what they are always chatting about with ‘friends’. Companies are having issues with numerous employees constantly wasting time when they should be hard at work, and seek answers on how to monitor their employees’ computer activities to combat theft and wasted time.

In an attempt to ensure safety of teens and young kids and combat decreased productivity of employees on a computer, monitoring software can be used to monitor their activity. This software is designed specifically for parents and employers to monitor various activities taking place on a home or office computer. After being installed, computer monitoring software covertly records activity and safely stores and/or uploads it for parents or employers to monitor later when they desire.

Depending on individual monitoring needs, users can opt for different types of software such as ‘local’ or ‘remote’ software to monitor their home or office computer. Local software records and stores recorded data on the actual monitored computer for parents or employers to view at their discretion, or they can setup to have the data forwarded to their email address. Remote monitoring software records the information from the monitored computer and covertly uploads that data to an online account for later viewing. Parents and/or employers can access their remote online account from any computer or device with an internet connection.

Computer monitoring software offer many different features to assist uses with monitoring their home or office computers. Features offered with this type of software typically include screenshots, keystrokes typed, websites visited, and much more. Some computer monitoring software even offer the ability to filter/block certain activities that users don’t want to be accessed on their computer. In addition to the already great monitoring features offered, this software also offers a live control panel feature to monitor a computer in real time while it is in use.

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Cell Phone Spy


Many parents first attempt at monitoring activities is the basic method of manually searching through their teens’ cell phone. Unfortunately, this form of monitoring activities is not very effective as kids can easily delete anything inappropriate to cover their tracks so their parents don’t see it. With StealthGenie installed onto the smartphone or tablet, this is not an issue. This spy app records activities as they take place on the device and upload the records to an online account for viewing remotely. Parents can sign into their online account from any computer, smartphone, tablet or other device with internet access.


How it Works

Before installing this app, You will create a unique username/password combination to use to login to your account. After this, the spy app must be installed directly onto the smartphone or tablet device to be monitored. During the installation/configuration process, You will be asked to enter the username/password you created to sync the device with Your account.

StealthGenie Features

StealthGenie offers a plethora of features to keep track of activities. For tablets, it offers features including GPS tracking, apps installed, web history, photos taken, and more. To monitor smartphone activities, StealthGenie offers features including remote lock/unlock, SMS commands, app blocking, instant GPS tracking and much more. For a complete list of all available monitoring features, visit

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Cell Phone Spy Reviews

Mobistealth Review

MobistealthIn our past posts, we discussed to you everything you should know about cell phone software; what they are, how they are installed and most importantly, we discussed to you how they work. In this article, we will take you a bit further. In this article, we will be discussing to you about the newest monitoring software in the software business that makes everyone go buzzing about it-The Mobistealth.

What is Mobistealth?

Mobi stealth is the world’s first monitoring software designed for Smartphone. This software works well with almost all popular phone brands like iPhone, Android and others. Obviously, this software has come to life due to the increasing popularity of mobile devices. Anyone who wants to track and monitor any phone, this is what they have been waiting for.

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Cell Phone Spy

Cell Phone Spy Program

Cell Phone Spy

If you’re looking for a cell phone spy program on the Internet, then you will find several websites that are offering various promotions on their product. They are endorsing that their software is the most effective bugging that can be used by parents and business owners who want to monitor the activities of their kids or employees.

In reality, each spy application has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, if you want to choose the best one for you, it’s essential that you take your time and learn more about these applications.

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